Author: Miss Elise

It vexes me as a provider of GREAT service to see what my competitors put together and package to my unsuspecting potential clients. So here I am, creating a list to help my friends, neighbors,

So there is you and 9 of your closest girlfriends, some from out of town, coming to celebrate your big day. Everyone is anticipating a night to remember and one to talk about for years

Atlanta’s nightclubs and Atlanta nightlife – simply awesome in this party city. Be it cocktails in the day or sexy after-hour play, Atlanta rivals (and in some ways surpasses) many metropolitan nightlife scenes. Atlanta is

First to announce and the best sections to party with the stars! There’s no where else to be but Compound when the star magnets are out. Meek Mill will be in the building. Of course

We can’t stop and won’t stop – Compound Atlanta is the world famous club that you’ve heard about because it delivers access to the stars in a way rarely seen outside of Las Vegas and exclusive