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Atlanta nightclubs are the lifeblood of the nightlife scene and it’s that time again – SUMMER! It’s when wedding season, summer break and warm weather gives us license to party well into the heat of

Rose Bar is our Number 1 pic for Tuesday, Friday & Saturday if you want a sophisticated vibe among sexy professionals who seek to let loose and party as one. We send numerous guests here,

It vexes me as a provider of GREAT service to see what my competitors put together and package to my unsuspecting potential clients. So here I am, creating a list to help my friends, neighbors,

So there is you and 9 of your closest girlfriends, some from out of town, coming to celebrate your big day. Everyone is anticipating a night to remember and one to talk about for years

We can’t stop and won’t stop – Compound Atlanta is the world famous club that you’ve heard about because it delivers access to the stars in a way rarely seen outside of Las Vegas and exclusive