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Atlanta nightclubs are the lifeblood of the nightlife scene and it’s that time again – SUMMER! It’s when wedding season, summer break and warm weather gives us license to party well into the heat of the night (or early morning).  We have owners and promoters all around the city who alert us to what’s happening in the club scene and since we tour all the Atlanta nightclubs, we know what its really like beyond the hype! Let’s look at the clubs opening this season and wish them all success. Call us to arrange a package with any of these newcomers: 

Atlanta Nightclubs Opening in 2018

Mansion Elan (Open)

 The Grand Reopening debuted in the middle of May with a Sunday party establishing them as one of the top Atlanta nightclubs for the young money in the city. They are back at it and you can see from the pictures, they have redone most of the inside (although the layout is very similar) and they even have a dress code (!!!). Mansion Elan’s location is north of the city and although a bit out of the way, there are other clubs and bars in the very same shopping plaza that can offer a varied partying experience. Mansion has always brought heavy hitters to the party and it is very large inside. It used to be almost impossible to get a drink from the one central bar in the middle of the floor, but if you are VIP, you are drinking out of your own bottles anyway. Let’s see what the feedback is from our clients and hostesses on whether it lives on as one of the top Atlanta nightclubs or resigns into the night from whence it came.  Call us for bottle service and party bus packages. See the new Mansion Elan pics below…

Aurum Lounge (Open)

This spot is for the 30 and over crowd. During the week it has live music, on the weekends it is a live party for professionals and the gentleman who runs the show is one of the best promoters in the city (we love you Luther). Aurum is located in the former Kapture building. We are well familiar with the layout and space there from many VIP sections. Aurum is totally revamped and remodeled to be a luxurious set for the beautiful party people of Atlanta. We can book you for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights! Check out the pictures of the new Aurum below.

Vida (Opening Soon)

This is the former Harlem Nights club that we were sad to see close its doors last year. We are totally excited to see them back for 2018. They are hiring for waitstaff right now and we are trying to get an exclusive look at the remodel so we can realllly get excited. VIDA Ultra lounge is a convenient hop, skip and exit off the highway in downtown Atlanta, right around the corner from Hilton and Hyatt. Inside is large and accommodates a lot of people but until we see the new build we can’t say how many sections we will have up for sale.

How to Experience the Nightclubs


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