Bachelorette Party Perfection Guaranteed

Bachelorette Party Perfection Guaranteed
  1. Drink smart: It’s all good fun to try new drinks and stick to your tried and trues but pace yourself.  But we don’t want the Bride-to-be completely intoxicated, especially if she is getting married in a few days.  I’m sure she would appreciate remembering the night of fun and not being dropped off by the elegant limo falling flat on her face. Speaking of a limo, an all-inclusive package is really the safest choice, but if you are driving, be sure to have a designated driver.
  2. Time it right: NEVER have the Bachelorette party the day before the wedding! We would definitely suggest hosting the event at least 1 to 2 weeks before the big day. You all need to have rest, look refreshed, focused and calm before you walk down the aisle. Also, if the party is a surprise, time it right, or you could end up with no party at all. With all of the things going on with a wedding, many moments can be stolen for planning those little details. Think about whether the event will be during the day or in the evening and plan activities accordingly.
  3. Pick a theme: Sexy, raunchy, wild or conservative- no matter what the theme, plan it so it matches the Bride-to-be’s preferences and her mood. Never over-estimate that your friend may want toys and a stripper, when in fact she’s happy to have a girl’s night pajamas party, watching movies and drinking wine. Of course, if she wants a stripper, the Exotic Party Bus Package is a trip she won’t forget. 
  4. Invite carefully: Should I really invite Granma Mable to my bachelorette, she’s still a little freaky for the age of 89?” …:  If you know Granma will be the life and soul of the party, why not.  It’s important to know your mood or theme before you start inviting your friends, which includes relatives, sorority girls, work colleagues and step sisters. Most of the time a planner won’t know all of the people in the bride’s life, so consulting her on who should be invited to these events is important especially when it may be age appropriate considerations.
  5. Make it a fantasy night…or day.  When discussing themes ask the question of fantasies. Let her make some kinky wishes which can be fulfilled on her bridal night, and to be shared with her best friends. If she’s not so kinky, that’s fine – choose an activity like a winery or spa day with limo service and dinner. Just make it unforgettable no matter what!
  6. Decide who pays – early. It’s best to divide all of the expenses between all the girls attending (except the Bachelorette, of course). The maid of honor should be the leader of the pack who coordinates consensus, informs all of the attendees and collect funds. All of this should be done well ahead of the planned party. Most party planning and concierge services require a group leader to handle collection of the funds and signing paperwork. A package that includes everything (activities, dining and limo service) can cost $150 – $300/person. This is not the time to be cheap!
  7. Decide what to wear – early.  Clubbing in the city requires sexy outfits, short skirts, stockings and 6in stiletto heels. Sampling wine at a winery requires comfortable clothes and closed shoes. If you have a theme for your event that includes colors, communicate that to the group early. Consider also that atlanta is hot in the summer and cold in the winter with bouts of warmth here and there. It’s safe to dress to impress on most occasions but aim to be comfortable on the long days of activities of a bachelorette weekend.
  8. Give gifts: It’s great to invite girlfriends who love to have fun and chip in on a gift or coordinate a gift giving event.  Handling playful toys, to drinking shots of tequila from the mini limo bar, it’s about fun, jokes and no inhibitions so the gifts can reflect this playful spirit. Save the bigger or more expensive gifts for the hotel or Airbnb – you wouldn’t want to leave them behind in the party bus or limo.
  9. Take lots of photos:  Designate a girlfriend to take pictures with a phone that has good resolution, the less you carry the better. Make a rule that no one shares any of the bachelorette events unless approved of by those in the shot. Ensure that when the pictures are ready to be developed, shared or posted, you are able to personally look through each photo to make sure there are no ill-conceived shots. Never post pictures that are unbecoming to the party members or that may give away a location that should not be disclosed.
  10. Make an oath of silence. No pictures, no stories, no names must be mentioned in the company of anyone outside of the group after the party!

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