Why Go All-Inclusive?

All-inclusive are the best packages for getting everything you need for one awesome night (or weekend). Typically you get:

  • A custom digital flyer to send out as an invitation and keepsake to commermorate the event
  • A wonderful hostess who is an invaluable friend the night of your event who makes everything happen, serves you like a VIP and gets you past all the lines
  • A limo or party bus means no searching for parking or valet fees, no DUI and no getting lost in the myriad of traffic jams that happen in the middle of the night – plus you can party AND drink on the limo/party bus!
  • VIP entry for all of your guests and a section with bottle service and all the trimmings in the club all included in your package. When the party bus pulls up, we skip the line!
  • Your package can include food on the bus which is great for the hunger that occurs from the partying that happens between stops and helps settle stomachs at the end of the night
  • Unlimited guest list to get all of your people in the door before it gets packed

Find Your Perfect Package

All Inclusive Limo & Party Bus Packages

📸 Photo Bomb VIP Tour - Limo or Party Bus

As low as $49/person - Gather your girls, get in your luxury party bus or limo and tour the city
4 hours
Limo, Party Bus

🍾 Bachelorette VIP Party Bus Package 🍾

As low as $110/person - For the Bachelorette VIP, this package is for YOUR bride-to-be! Trust us, this merges two
5 hours
Limo, Party Bus

🍹 Elleven45 All-inclusive VIP Party Package 🚍 Limo or Party Bus

As low as $95/person - This package is fun and affordable - you get a luxury limo or party bus, photos
4 hours
Limo, Party Bus

💋 Bachelor Diamond VIP Club Experience 🚍 Limo or Party Bus

As low as $159/person - The Bachelor Diamond VIP Nightlife Experience is for those who want both the gentleman's club
5 hours
Limo, Party Bus

🔘 Platinum VIP Club Experience 🚍 Limo or Party Bus

As low as $119/person - Hop on your party bus or limo to hit the club for VIP status as you
Limo, Party Bus

Gold VIP Bar Tour - Limo or Party Bus

Take this tour to get a taste of the best bars in Atlanta - cover included! Hop in the limo or
Limo, Party Bus

🎯 Custom Party Bus 🚌 Limo Packages - We handle it all

Get a custom package and be on your way to an exquisite experience made for VIPs like you! The sky
Ciroc, Patron, Henny + more
No Line Waiting, Unlimited Guest List

Fast & Furious ATL Racing Package - Limo

Reenact your favorite high speed chase on the raceway! The Porsche experience is one every man or woman should experience
5 hours