5 Top Reasons Club Crawls (Can) Suck in Atlanta

5 Top Reasons Club Crawls (Can) Suck in Atlanta

It vexes me as a provider of GREAT service to see what my competitors put together and package to my unsuspecting potential clients. So here I am, creating a list to help my friends, neighbors, bachelors and bachelorettes understand what makes a great crawl and what makes one suck.

  • No transportation. Really? I am supposed to walk, I’m sorry, crawl around Atlanta going from club to club? Yes there are clubs lined up in certain pockets of the city, but even then, walking a few blocks and up hills under the influence is not a good idea, especially given some of the sketchy dark streets in the A.
  • No way back to the starting point. They are kind enough to point it out when buying your ticket, but most crawls are not going to bring you back to the point of origination. Why not? Again, there you are, a tad inebriated and guess what, now you have to remember where you started and where you parked in proximity to your start point – which was about 5 hours and 5 drinks ago. Who knows where you are now?
  • A set schedule of when to hop from club to club. If there is a schedule of when to party where, think about the value you are getting…especially if you are stuck at some club you hate for the next hour reading this post.
  • No V-I-P? I understand that people love the “value” and “budget” packages but even those should have something VIP in it! Some drinks, perhaps kitchen specials, and at least club VIP entry! Being with your girls feeling like a VIP that just pulled up on the party bus is exciting, walking to the back of a long line and waiting with everyone else is deflating.
  • Cheesy Hosts – or none at all! If you are a middle-aged guy with a drinking problem, hosting is not for you! I want a hot party chic or cutie (guy) who knows the best spots in the A, the “DL” spots in the clubs, the ones who shmooze with the door men, promoters and owners. Make sure the host/hostess you get is ready to party but hasn’t seen one party too many!

Remember the crawl is about fun, meeting new people, seeing as many clubs in one night as possible and doing it like a VIP.

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Miss Elise
Miss Elise is the CEO of Playground Atlanta, Inc., and the local "party bus maven." She has cultivated years of relationships with clubs and promoters to give the gift of VIP experiences to all who visit and live in Atlanta. She's a mom, an engineer, an entrepreneur and the best friend you can have in VIP nightlife entertainment in the city.