3 Reasons the Best Parties Begin with a Planner

3 Reasons the Best Parties Begin with a Planner

So there is you and 9 of your closest girlfriends, some from out of town, coming to celebrate your big day. Everyone is anticipating a night to remember and one to talk about for years to come. The pressure is on to perform which means balancing expectations with budget and time. Well you already know that time is not on your side and managing a budget is tenuous at best. We suggest using a party planner to take the pressure off of you, a participant who should not be working on the big day, and with all of the benefits, we think it will be a no-brainer for you too!

  1. Save and maximize your budget – Here in Atlanta, we get discounts with all of the top spas, restaurants, clubs and transportation companies, sometimes up to 30%. Using a party planner’s pricing leverages how much you and your friends get to do at the lowest possible price. Generally businesses will not extend deep discounts to individuals, even for a large party. Sometimes you can get the limo relatively cheap, but a 5 star dining experience is going to cost you. Get the discount with a party planner.
  2. Get special, VIP treatment – everywhere. Not only do party planners leverage big discounts, they also get you VIP treatment at every establishment your party enters. This generally includes Champagne at the spa with decadent extras, VIP entrance with no waiting at clubs with bottle service and VIP tables, party buses with bars and more. The party planners and hostesses know all of the club owners, managers and door men and have established relationships that can get you in the door on a crazy night with big names on the inside, when a run of the mill limo driver can’t.
  3. Get local knowledge you don’t have the connections to know. Party planners know every part of town, where the cultural diversity lies and where the hidden gems are that only the people “in the know” get to see. Your event planner will make sure you aren’t dropped off in a seedy section of town at 2am as well as show you the best sites and venues in the city. Want the latest, greatest and hottest venues and places to party, only a party planner can give you the 411.

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Miss Elise
Miss Elise is the CEO of Playground Atlanta, Inc., and the local "party bus maven." She has cultivated years of relationships with clubs and promoters to give the gift of VIP experiences to all who visit and live in Atlanta. She's a mom, an engineer, an entrepreneur and the best friend you can have in VIP nightlife entertainment in the city.