How to Club in Atlanta Like a Local

How to Club in Atlanta Like a Local

Atlanta’s nightclubs and Atlanta nightlife – simply awesome in this party city. Be it cocktails in the day or sexy after-hour play, Atlanta rivals (and in some ways surpasses) many metropolitan nightlife scenes. Atlanta is also a “Player’s” playground, from sports league players to money making entertainers, the dollar is the symbol of status here and it literally rains from the sky.

If you want to party here and have a great time, get out there early, unless you have stacks on deck (lots of play money). There is a myriad of options that take you from tame to OMG in a matter of steps, but there are several things you should know:

  1. Atlanta Club Prices – let’s get to the $$ first. Door fees (aka “cover”) can range from free before 12 (err, yeah right) and up to $80 depending on the club and the time of night. Now you gotta know most clubs don’t let anyone in until 10:30pm almost 11pm with very few exceptions (regardless of what the operating hours claim). This means the line is CRAZY by 11:00pm and by the time you reach the door, the cover will have gone up exponentially. Also, cover goes up as the club gets busier or if a star shows up, which happens often in Atlanta. PS – If you are a guy, don’t even think of trying to get in free, unless you have a 3 girl to 1 guy ratio.
  2. Cut-line and VIP entry – so if you happen to want to avoid the very long lines while clubbing in Atlanta, you will want to pay to cut the line. This generally puts you in the VIP line which moves very fast. There is also a premium for getting to the front of the line which is usually $20 – $80 above your standard cover. And just like the cover charge, these fees will go up as the line gets longer.
  3. Atlanta Clubs’ Dress Code – in one word: fancy. The women and men in this city are upscale, classy and know how to dress. There will be no $10 dresses and matching shoes worn out in this city, you better hit Lenox or the Perimeter mall and get something fierce else you will stick out like a bad fake $100 bill. Absolutely no sneakers, t-shirts, shorts or shoes without a back-strap because you will be embarrassed at the door.
  4. Parking – this can be a nightmare. Generally there are plenty of lots in midtown and downtown to party. Most clubs have a good sized lot too, which will cost you $10 – $20 to park, $40 – $100 to valet. Most club lots are not run by the club. They subcontract this duty out so if you have an issue with parking, the club can’t help you in most cases.

You can always club hop on Playground Atlanta’s party bus which includes cover with no worries about waiting in line or where to park. See our Atlanta party bus prices and party bus packages here. Next article will segment the city into party locales so you can see which flavor of the city fits your party style!

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