Medusa & Josephine Lounge – liquor license not renewed

Medusa & Josephine Lounge – liquor license not renewed

Appeals Denied РNo Approval of Liquor Licenses 

Quietly the city of Brookhaven and several clubs we love have been battling in court. It stems from Brookhaven’s decision to opt out of renewing the liquor license of several clubs once they expire in May including XS, Medusa and Josephine Lounge. We are told the days are numbered at these venues since there doesn’t seem to be a clear path to restoring the ability to reapply since the city made the determination due to non payment of taxes. The city stated that a liquor license is a privilege and not a right.

End of Brookhaven Nightlife

We have heard rumors that this is just the beginning of a targeted effort to shut down the popping nightlife in Brookhaven for young urban Atlantans. In the cross hairs is also Mansion Elan – who are spending an inordinate amount on a remodel and relaunch. Let’s cross our fingers for a great summer season in Brookhaven. If not, partying past Buckhead will be a thing of the past.

Where to Party in Atlanta

Atlanta still has some solid options – Compound and Gold Room are going strong, as is Elleven45 and Aurum. I asked my favorite promoter what are we going to do without these major players and he assured me, no worries Elise, we own the city. So I offer you reader the same assurance, the party will go on and we will be there to bring you the best parties in the city.

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