Author: Miss Elise

Harlem Nights does its thing. Friday nights are always hot and Saturday has a steady crowd that packs the club by the end of the night. There are several VIP bars and one main bar. 

CosmoLava is two venues, a restaurant (Cosmopolitan) and a club (Lava), in one trendy building. The crowd is definitely mixed leaning towards younger 20’s to mid 30’s predominantly. Here you will find students (not frat

Pricing a party planner could jolt you like a morning cup a’ joe but looking past the price is essential when determining the value of having a personal concierge or event planner. Details, details, details:

We at Playground Atlanta want you to have an exceptional day, no matter what the occasion is. We take care of everything, it is our motto, we live and breathe by it, but we have