6 Reasons Why We All Fail Without a Party Planner (Events Concierge)

6 Reasons Why We All Fail Without a Party Planner (Events Concierge)

Pricing a party planner could jolt you like a morning cup a’ joe but looking past the price is essential when determining the value of having a personal concierge or event planner.

  1. Details, details, details:

    There are so many moving parts to an event, even if it’s a Girls Night Out, arranging for transportation, meals, entertainment and ensuring it all goes off without a hitch is maddening, if you aren’t a professional. A planner or events concierge service will take care of everything – even the details you didn’t think of like umbrellas on a rainy day, bottle openers for the wine in the limo, a greeting card for the birthday girl or an exclusive gift that you couldn’t find anywhere!

  2. Location, location, location

    Do you know every nook and cranny of the city – every posh Thai spot, the uber-cool new jazz spot that opened in Midtown or how about that specialty spa in Buckhead that offers LA’s newest craze in DNA facials? Guess who does know all of this? Yes, your event planner or concierge. There would be nothing worse than booking a restaurant in a shady area just because they have great Yelp ratings. Your planner’s job is to be in the know and to provide choices for the perfect places to enjoy your special day.

  3. Dropping the ball

    Oops you forgot to order the cake! Oh no it wasn’t the cake, it was the limo! You were going through the heap of limo offers and forgot to settle on one! It is very easy to drop the ball when event planning is not your daily duty. Most of us work, have a family (even if it’s 2 dogs and a cat) and enjoy things like going to the gym or on dates with our loved one. When your three year old is demanding milk for his cereal and your husband running around shirtless all while you are on the phone trying to book a spa for a party of 10, clarity will soon deliver the message, you shouldn’t be doing this.

  4. Personalities, the big conflict

    So you’re sister is getting married and you are the head of the Bachelorette Committee. Oh joy! However you have received several phone calls already regarding your choices for the evening, all of which are suggesting you do something else. How on earth do you manage 15 ladies pulling you in different directions with 50 different personalities? Referring all issues, conflicts and suggestions to your planner removes you from the responsibility of pleasing everyone. An events concierge will ensure that the event doesn’t go haywire due to a few big personalities in the group.

  5. Budget, the pink elephant

    Who pays for what and when is always difficult to pin down, or should we say nearly impossible for a large group. Let’s face it, if the bill isn’t paid, the party doesn’t happen. Unless you have experience as a bondsmen (or woman), rounding up the funds from all the party go-ers should be left up to the professionals. Generally they will introduce a payment system to make direct payments and communicate any issues with stragglers. We also noticed people are more willing to give money to strangers than friends so this works in the planner’s favor as well.

  6. Relationships (READ: Save Money!)

    Believe it or not a well-connected events concierge will be able to negotiate with vendors for discounts you could never reap! Their relationships with restaurants, limo companies, resorts and hotels, venues and specialty stores can get you perks and even last-minute reservations that no one ever gets – except the ones who can call a restaurant owner and chat like old friends. Can you do that? Besides being connected, your events concierge knows the best options based on your budget and can leverage relationships from the obstinately obscure baker to the most majestic band playing your favorite 80s set list, event concierges make your event a dream come true.

All in all, an events concierge is a mixture of event planner and concierge. This is truly the best of both worlds since they will plan and coordinate big and small events using their talents and connections, as well as woo the pants off of the entire party (and the staff at the events themselves). Plus, I’m always a fan of hiring someone to make me look good at the stuff I wasn’t born with naturally. How about you?

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