Author: Miss Elise

Atlanta nightclubs are the lifeblood of the nightlife scene and it’s that time again – SUMMER! It’s when wedding season, summer break and warm weather gives us license to party well into the heat of

Drink smart: It’s all good fun to try new drinks and stick to your tried and trues but pace yourself.  But we don’t want the Bride-to-be completely intoxicated, especially if she is getting married in

Rose Bar is our Number 1 pic for Tuesday, Friday & Saturday if you want a sophisticated vibe among sexy professionals who seek to let loose and party as one. We send numerous guests here,

Appeals Denied – No Approval of Liquor Licenses  Quietly the city of Brookhaven and several clubs we love have been battling in court. It stems from Brookhaven’s decision to opt out of renewing the liquor