Top 10 Atlanta Clubs for Bottle Service – updated 12/19/2016

Top 10 Atlanta Clubs for Bottle Service – updated 12/19/2016

This list changes often. Why? The scene changes often from clubs switching the nights they are open to switching the crowd they cater to without a moments notice. Our clients are typically not from Atlanta but want to experience Atlanta – from popping bottles next to rappers and models, to bar hopping from fabulous bar to bar. You can confidently rely on us to show you the real Atlanta in all of her shining glory. Keep in mind, our clients are VIPs with bottle service that are treated VERY WELL based on our relationship, so our experience differs GREATLY from the free guest list, standing in line and then standing in the club crowd.



Gold Room - 2416 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

This is a Las Vegas style lavish club that is on the smaller side but is again, lavish. The dress code is enforced unless you have bottle service, and there are two VIP section areas: Upstairs VIP ($$), Downstairs VIP ($$$). There technically is no dance floor as the top sections sit in the middle of the floor downstairs, so you better have bottle service to get a dedicated piece of floor and seating for when your feet need a break! Sometimes on Thursdays they will feature a release party for a superstar like Future or Two Chains, so do call us to find out when those types of eventswill happen again (Friday Hip Hop, Saturday EDM)


Compound - 1008 Brady Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Compound is a standing favorite with big names featured on most Saturdays. It’s sister club “Gold Room” is popping on Fridays for hip hop and thus Saturday night is Compound’s big night. This club is a bit expensive ($20 – $40 to get in) like Medusa and Gold Room, but if you want to party with Migos, Future, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, etc., you might want to pay to play. During the warm months you can chill in the “gardens” which is outside in a covered area that is like a club onto itself. Of course all the stars are inside in the most expensive sections, but we can get you wherever you want to be inside of Compound Saturdays.


Harlem Nights - 201 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

This is our favorite club in the city for turning ALL THE WAY up based upon our many party bus experiences. They always have great DJs (radio features on Friday nights) and they have Gold couches, Glass room VIP, delicious late night food, bottle service, trap music and a real dance floor – which is rare these days. We only know the club experience based on bottle service and knowing all the door people and having the same, dedicated waitress every time (MOZI) but dammit they will treat you great too.  Stand on the couches, drink champagne straight out the bottle and look like a star while doing it. Friday night is the hot night but Saturday night is just as packed at 1 AM as on a Friday. Great bottle value and pricing and good value for your money. Book with us and get perks like wing platters or hookahs.


SL Lounge - 4186 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30345

**New as of 12/18/2016** This started out as a Sunday star status club and is standing up as a Dusse lounge and a Saturday that has every star in Atlanta coming out.  Not to perform, but actually partying in the VIP right alongside you (Kevin Hart, Fabolous, Wale, Meek Mill – yes). It is a fairly exclusive spot that makes  Atlanta royalty feel comfortable lounging across the many couches in this lovely space. We like where they are going with a new concept in Atlanta clubbing.


Medusa Lounge - 3375 Buford Hwy NE #1170, Atlanta, GA 30329

Small yet beautiful club with beautiful people. You must have bottle service else it will be impossible to move around and enjoy what the club offers. Mix of African and Hip Hop music. Reminds me of a more sophisticated Aroma lounge. We’ve only experienced this club from a bottle service perspective and we can say you do not want the first section that looks like a waiting area. If you book too late, this is where you might go so book your section in advanced. In the right section, this club has a smooth vibe, inviting beautiful people and a great DJ to keep everyone going til 3AM. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all good nights – especially Saturday. They also experiment with Mondays and Wednesdays but call us to check on what is going on during the week – 888-878-7430.


Lava Lounge - 45 13th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

**New as of Dec 12/19/2016** Formerly CosmoLava, this multiplex boasts 5 DJs and 5 bars with a sister bar/eatery next door. The crowd is a good mix of 20s, 30s and 40s with top 40s and dance music to keep you going all night. You will never get bored with the ambiance or options in this vast complex of bars and alcoves. Get the bottle service through us and enjoy the best vantage points in the club.


Suite Lounge - 375 Luckie St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

This is the best spot for 30+ party people to enjoy an evening that can start as dinner and merge into party time. There are multiple levels for you to enjoy including a rooftop complete with cabanas and bottle service. The spaciousness of the club allows anyone to feel welcome where at certain clubs you are forced into compromising positions once the club gets packed. Make no mistake the club will be packed, but there’s plenty of room and a great staff.  Thursdays are jazz/live band nights and Fridays are starting to warm up. Saturday night is the Mixx 2.0 standard which is THE party for upscale, grown professionals. Call us to get the best sections for the price.


Rose Bar - 3115 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Now this place is intimate since the layout is small and the club is virtually all sections with a little space here and there by the bar to get your groove on. The crowd is sophisticated and the dress code is serious – section or not! Compound will let you get away with street gear, here you will be turned away for not dressing to impress. It is a beautiful place with alligator textured couches, lounge areas that are black leather couches but in a darkened and comfy room with great ambiance. They too have an outdoor patio area, but its near the line and a bit removed from the overall experience. Nonetheless, “Coded” Thursdays pops with color since it is “International” night, “Love” Fridays at Rose Bar are amazing and Saturdays are looking great now too with day parties and the “Detour to Buckhead” theme.


Halo - 817 West Peachtree St NW E-100, Atlanta, GA 30308

Halo is another lavish club with white tufted couches and huge crystal chandeliers. There is movement from the walls to the lighting and eye candy everywhere you look. The crowd is just as beautiful as the club and sophistication is the inspiration. The bottle service here starts at over $1,000 but you get an intimate experience since there are only 8 sections in the club. Call us to book your section & bottle service at 888-878-7430. **Entrance on 6th Street under Biltmore Hotel**


Opera - 1150 Crescent Ave NE B, Atlanta, GA 30309

EDM fans will never be disappointed at Opera Fridays or Saturdays with some hip hop sprinkled in. The crowd is mildly mixed and fairly young/college aged. VIP is upstairs and starts with Sky Vodka bottle service and top shelf bottles are an upgrade. Bachelorettes like this club a lot and it caters to the ladies very well.

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