PRIVE LOUNGE – CLOSED for renovations

PRIVE LOUNGE – CLOSED for renovations

Currently closed for renovation

Prive from Our Perspective

Here we have another great, upscale spot for the Cosmopolitan Urbanite. Prive (formerly Primal) isn’t the biggest club in Atlanta, but the bartenders generally pour good drinks, as they should at $8 – $10 a shot. The sound system is banging in here and the DJs are consistently on top of their game. If you have been to Reign or Vanquish, there is a similar ambiance and decorative appeal. For those unfamiliar, there is a certain decadence and opulence to these clubs with sexy, avant-garde art and furnishings. There is plenty of VIP and like almost every other trendy spot, hardly any other seating. The location is in midtown going towards downtown (past 10th).


960 Spring Street Atlanta, GA 30309

Club Details:

Ages: Younger 20’s – Mid 30’s
Music Genre: Top 40s/Dance
Cultural Mix: Somewhat Diverse
Club Hours: Door usually opens by 10:30pm and starts shutting down at 2:45am
Entry (Free?): Free entry before 11:30pm /$20+ After
VIP Entry: $20-40
Bottle & Section Costs: High
Best Night(s): TBD on reopen
Dress Code: Dress to impress, collared shirts, heels for ladies
Restrictions: No sneakers, no shorts, no caps, no t-shirts
Parking: Self & Valet Parking ($10 – $20)

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Currently closed for renovation

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