How much does it cost to party in Atlanta?

So, to party in Atlanta as a VIP, bottle popping at Compound or sitting in a section in Suite Lounge, either way Atlanta is the city that has a mini-Vegas club scene and lives up to the high cost to party with the most beautiful people and the hottest stars. Atlanta used to be a hip-hop and sports town. Now it is a movie, music and all around entertainment hub. This means the club scene will just get hotter and feature more and more stars without them headlining a flyer…it will be like hollywood, just a tad more accessible. A Vegas-meets-Hollywood kind of a thing. Is it pretentious? Yes! Is that what we came for – maybe, maybe not, but what is undeniable is that it will be sexy, hot and cinematic.

Obvious Costs:

  • $20 Parking – $50 Valet Parking – the parking is never managed by the club  – there is always an external company managing the parking lot – this means the club and the parking people know not what the left nor right hand is doing. Hold on tight to your ticket, extra tight if you get drunk!
  • $20 Entry / $40 VIP Entry at most clubs – DO NOT plan to enter on the free guest list if you plan to party in Atlanta – the organizers are banking on a woman or guy who is all dressed up waiting in line to pay a few dollars vs. going back home because the free list ends. That’s why they hold the lines so that very few actually get in for “free.”
  • $500 – $3,500 Sections with bottles – the cheaper the section, the less bottles and less desirable location you get in the club. Get as many bottles as you can – 2 bottles will get you the least desirable spot with one couch, usually 4 bottles and up places you in a nice club section.
  • $50 x ?? Bottle girl tip PER BOTTLE – she is NOT a waitress, she is a bottle girl. Expect to see her once and fend for yourself after the bottles have been delivered. Order at the bar for quickest turnaround after she disappears.

Hidden Costs:

  • Higher priced drinks than most bars and clubs outside of the city – a drink is more like $15 vs. $8 out of the city. On the weeknights most clubs that are open have good drink specials.
  • Shady promoters and club owners who don’t honor your booking – its humiliating to have planned everything correctly for it to fall apart at the door. Without a strong contact, you are pretty much at the mercy of whoever is at the door.
  • Shady clubs that add items to your tab and charge you without you knowing – some take advantage of you being drunk – make sure there is a sober-enough member in the group to review the charges before you leave.
  • Uber or other transportation service – more costly would be a DUI for driving after a crazy night of partying
  • Pregaming at the house or bar – whatever it costs to have some drinks, snack foods and get right.
  • Your feet will be begging for mercy and unless you have a section, you will soldier through with no seating. There is no seating in most clubs if you are not a VIP.

Of course you can have an all-inclusive package that takes care of the club reservation so that you spend nothing the night of your event. Since the package includes a limo or party bus, there’s no chance of a DUI and you can pregame on the party bus on the way to the club! Your hostess knows all the door people, so you will never have a problem at the club door again – in fact plan on skipping the line altogether. Interested? Build your own custom package or view our all-inclusive party bus packages.

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