Unique Brides Deserve Their Dream Wedding Too!

Unique Brides Deserve Their Dream Wedding Too!

So you’re getting ready for your big day and you seek an out-of-ordinary, fairy-tale spot that scores high marks in scenery, beauty and originality. The good news is that Atlanta is one of the most beautiful places to plan a unique wedding and a memorable Bachelorette party. The city overflows with unique grounds, glorious gardens, classic historical sites and everything from towering heights to underground haunts.

What if you have a tiny wedding party or a huge group? It matters not how small or big your guest list is, you can rest assured that there is a wedding venue that will suit your budget and your needs. So without further delay, here is a list of the top 5 unique places to say “I do” in Atlanta:

    1. Hunger Games @ Swan House: Are you a big hunger games fan? Would you like to get married at President Snow’s mansion?  Then the Swan house should be the place for your big day. Historic, classic and complete with ruins, this outdoor area in front of the mansion has all the ingredients to give your day a most memorable sight. Check out the look and feel to see if it’s for you boo!bachelorette-swan-house

    1. Folk Tale @ Smith Family Farm: When you love rustic, woodsy romantic settings and even have your folk band picked out – we’ve got the porch for them to play! If you want a folksy wedding that is still in a beautiful setting with touches of simple, natural elements, this is your perfect venue to say “I do!”bachelorette-smith-house

    1. Edible Wedding @ Atlanta Botanical Garden: Quite frankly one of the best places for an outdoor wedding in Atlanta with a twist! The Edible Kitchen is surrounded by nothing but edible herbs, veggies and fruits – can you imagine? I know it seems impossible but check out the official site here and get the rest of the scoop here.bachelorette-atlanta-botanical

    1. Surf & Sequins @ Georgia Aquarium: How about having a backdrop of a beluga whale or a whale shark swim by on your special day?  It is entirely possible if you are having your wedding at the Oceans Ballroom at the beautiful Georgia Aquarium. Got questions? We know you do – here are their wedding FAQs.bachelorette-georgia-aquarium

  1. Beach Wedding @ Callaway Gardens: So you want that beach wedding but in landlocked Atlanta, what do you do? Relocate the wedding to Savannah? Nope! Check out the Ski Pavilion beachside option that gives you very realistic beach walks and offers the opportunity to take your vows in front of endless water views. Check out what you might look like on your special day.bachelorette-ski-pavilion

Do you know of some awesome, atypical wedding spots that are beautiful and unique? Share with us in the comments below so we can build the best list for the unique Brides-to-Be! Have you chosen where to party for your Bachelorette party? Check out our all-inclusive packages and deals for your special night!

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