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We can’t stop and won’t stop – Compound Atlanta is the world famous club that you’ve heard about because it delivers access to the stars in a way rarely seen outside of Las Vegas and exclusive

Currently closed for renovation Prive from Our Perspective Here we have another great, upscale spot for the Cosmopolitan Urbanite. Prive (formerly Primal) isn’t the biggest club in Atlanta, but the bartenders generally pour good drinks,

Harlem Nights does its thing. Friday nights are always hot and Saturday has a steady crowd that packs the club by the end of the night. There are several VIP bars and one main bar. 

CosmoLava is two venues, a restaurant (Cosmopolitan) and a club (Lava), in one trendy building. The crowd is definitely mixed leaning towards younger 20’s to mid 30’s predominantly. Here you will find students (not frat