Josephine Lounge – Atlanta NYE 2019 Experience

Josephine Lounge – Atlanta NYE 2019 Experience




New Years Eve Josephine Lounge 2019

Prices accurate as of 12/20 and WILL CHANGE DAILY!! ALL sections will sell out well before NYE!!

4 Bottles – Small / Entry Section- $1,699

5 Bottles – Small / Entry Section- $1,999

6 Bottles – Large Section – $2,349

9 Bottles – Large Section – $3,299

11 Bottles – Extra Large Section – $3,899


Josephine Lounge is a club for the beautiful. It is exquisite inside and so is the crowd it attracts. Also a dinner club, Josephine serves some of the best seafood in the city. If it is an elegant night you want, Josephine Lounge is the only spot that oozes this level of sexy.

Skip the regular lines that will be wrapped around the corner and get a VIP invitation to party with the hottest residents and visitors to drop the peach! We have been celebrating New Years in Atlanta for over 6 years now and gift you with the best access and in the best location in the club. We will have sections upon sections reserved for our guests, so we invite you to the most VIP experience in Atlanta at Josephine Lounge.

Get your sections early before pricing increases! Pre-selling is for your benefit – leverage our purchasing prowess and relationships to get the best experience in Atlanta.

  • VIP Entry into Joesphine Lounge
  • VIP Bottle Service, Mixers and Sparklers 
  • VIP Section in Main Room with Bottle Service 
  • Champagne Toast at Midnight

🔘 Platinum VIP Club Experience 🚍 Limo or Party Bus

As low as $93/person – Hop on your party bus or limo to hit the club for VIP status as you skate past the line and head straight to your VIP section, order your bottles & dance all night til the early morn with the stars of hip hop and entertainment.

Limo, Party Bus

Compound Atlanta Bottle Service $1,350 – 4 Bottles + Hookah + Flyer

Compound Atlanta Nightclub where you go big or don’t go. You need at least a 4 bottle section to get into the main room – we give you that plus a hookah, flyer and a VIP contact who will be waiting at the door.

Josephine Lounge – Atlanta NYE 2019 Experience

Josephine Lounge – Atlanta NYE 2019 Experience

Aurum Bottle Service $750+

Book your luxury Aurum section today and party Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Atlanta Limo – Chrysler 300

This sexy Atlanta Limo is a black Chrysler 300 and it is a stretched beauty. Inside reminds you of Vegas and has all the trimmings! For only $599 this chariot is yours for 4 hours.

Atlanta Party Bus – 30 Passenger

This 30 passenger Atlanta party bus is only $1,599 for a 4 hour reservation. Reserve this chariot today and have all the room you need to party on your way to wherever you wish to go.

Atlanta Party Bus – 20 Passenger

Room for 20 in this party bus, the bar comes with your mixers just bring the bottles. This 4 hour reservation is only $1,399 and grants you access to a luxury vehicle to command as you will.

Atlanta Party Bus – 15 Passenger

Ride like a champion – this Atlanta Party Bus for 4 hours is $1,199 and will get you a luxury party bus with a friendly, safe driver. Accommodating up to 15 people, stock it with your alcohol and we will provide the rest!