• Non-refundable. We begin planning before you make this payment and once payment is made, we take your transportation out of the “available” pool in our reservation system. Sometimes when a party cancels, we can rebook the package at a discount, but sometimes we can’t and lose more money than your deposit covers. The deposit pays the planner, driver and hostess a “cancel” fee – no money goes to the company when a party cancels.

Club Section Payments (not party bus & club packages):

  • Non-refundable. If you pay for a section/bottle service at a club, this money goes to the club and it becomes non-refundable. Try to alert us ASAP if you need to cancel and get this money back. We will try, but most clubs have a strict no-refund policy

Party Bus/Limo Packages:

  • Refundable 14 Days out – 30% fee.
  • Refundable 7 Days out – 50% fee
  • Non-refundable after 6 days before event – at this point everything is paid for, the time has been reserved and all the fun ready to begin. You don’t have to pay for anything once you arrive because we’ve done all of it for you! 

Itineraries & Planners

  • Non-refundable.

We refund all monies where package was cancelled by us or where the itinerary could not be completed due to venue closure or transportation malfunction when suitable replacement could not be made. We are not responsible for issues such as traffic, weather, police and government activity, road closures, construction and any other case that is out of control of either party. We are never in the position to offer a refund or credit to parties who are late, not of sound mind or are/become incapacitated during any part of our service.


All refund requests and credit requests should be directed to or 404-941-4741.