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Party Bus Bar Tours

Our Atlanta Bar Tours are organized in neat itineraries that you are free to hit all or just a couple depending on where you find your groove. A bar tour typically includes:

  • A custom digital flyer to send out as an invitation and keepsake to commermorate the event
  • A wonderful hostess who is an invaluable friend the night of your event who makes everything happen, serves you like a VIP and gets you past all the lines
  • A bar tour limo or party bus means no searching for parking or valet fees, no DUI and no getting lost in the myriad of traffic jams that happen in the middle of the night – plus you can party AND drink on the limo/party bus!
  • Cover charges are usually not an issue on the bar tour and there are usually great drink specials to be found
  • Your package can include food on the bus which is great for the hunger that occurs from the partying that happens between stops and helps settle stomachs at the end of the night

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